Eric Goldberg's Lecture In Israel At The Animation Festival

We are having in Israel an animation festival once a year. Last night I've been to the lecture of this years special guest - Eric Goldberg.
Eric is on of best classic animators I've ever seen, and he's been in the field for many many years (he had the chance of working with Art Babbit, and even Grahm Netwick!) .
He also responsible for the best part (in my opinion) in Fantasia 2000, when he animated and directed the amazing animation piece with the Flamingos and the Yo-Yo, and also Rhapsody's In Blue! The man is such an incredible super talent, it's hard even to start to describe how many amazing things he had done during his years working in Disney.
Of course his most famous character he had ever animated was the Ginni from Aladdin! And he told us so many amazing stories about how he always loved to animate, even as a little boy, making flip books (I could relate to that :) and up until now days.
He's so extremely nice and positive, it's amazing just to be around him.
I had the pleasure of introducing my self to him before and after his lecture, and found out he knows my class 5 mentor - Eric M. Bour and also. After the lecture was over (it was pass midnight but still he had time to answer people questions - what an amazing guy!) I've asked him about the many different styles he use to work in. He's unique curves is what I've come to love so much and you can see it in the way the Ginni is drawn, and the same goes to Hercules and Fantasia 2000. He told me he was always after trying other people styles, to keep on learning and evolving.
It was a great privilege to talk to him and it was so much fun I wish I could do it again :)

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