Pantomime Exercise!

Since I'm no longer a student at animation mentor, I need to keep my self busy so I won't go bad and if possible, keep improving.
I've decided to go back to my earlier exercises, starting with pantomime and give it a try - this time I'll do a begger in the street which would try to earn a coin, but after 3 tries (the rull of 3) he would be disappointed and desperate, THEN he would recieve the coin he wanted at the point when he leased expected it and be happy (thus the contrast in his feelings).
It would also be a good chance for me to go back to modeling (I'll model a street corner, with a trash been, the walls, etc) and it would be fun!

I've made a video reference and then chose the best parts and combined them to make the (what I believe to be) the most interesting poses.

Here are the thumbnails I've done... and I'll post the animation test as soon as I'll have something decent to show.

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