Are You Jilting Me?

As I've said in my earlier post, I have decided to participate in the January competition at the 11 Second Club.
I've began to work on my first phase of blocking (aka Rough Blocking).
Pay no attention to the fact that the girl is on Linear mode while the guy is on Stepped mode (and there for looks like a cut animation).
I'll try and work harder on it during this weekend!


anuraj said...

good try frnd......
keep working.....

Nate Lane said...

Nice man keep working at it! Agreed, don't give up. I'm positive you could find a job somewhere if you tried hard enough :)

Jeremy Shaw said...

I like the start, but if I can make a few suggestions. For one try listing to the female voice again i think her voice suggests more a emotion of disbelief, not so much mocking. She sound some what hurt.
I think you can stage them a little closer together as well, they seem to be very far a part. That way she can take a step forward in disbelief. Then have him take a step and a half back. almost scared of her remark. You can hear his hesitation.
Good Luck, it's looking good

My name is Ziv Ariely. said...

Thanks Guys!
Hi Jeremy, I'll try to do what you suggested, it's sounds like good ideas - thanks.