Stay Cool is being screened in the IFCT festival in Los Angeles!

It's so cool seeing my short film in the same list with many other animated short films!
I consider this to be a great honor to show my short film infront of a live audience which actually paid (!) to see it (well, they didn't pay to see it specificly, but still, you know...)
I feel it's the beginning of the realization of my dream.

The link to the IFCT Schedule Los Angeles Shorts:


Jeremy Shaw said...

Hey man are you in LA now?

benny cohen said...

kol hakavod ! :)

My name is Ziv Ariely. said...

Hi Jeremy!
I'm currently in Israel (though I wish I could have come visit in LA - I've just recently gradguated AM, but still couldn't afford to go to the gradguation ceremony).
Maybe one day though... it's on my TO DO list ;)

Thanks Benny!

Jeremy Shaw said...

Best of luck, you should look into studios in Spain and England. As well as the states if you don't already have a job.
I'll keep checking out your stuff.

My name is Ziv Ariely. said...

Thanks Jeremy.