Class 1 - Session 2

This week was great, since first of all, I've managed to finally have a normal Live Q&A with Eric Lessard - he's so great.
Well, the task for this week was to go out to a public place and start skeching people - just poses for now.
I must admit it wasen't coming very naturally for me, and I had a few days when I just couldn't "get it" and felt frustrated because of it.
At the end, I had to ask my darling wife to pose for me - several of the Stu poses are hers.
Tonight there is another Live Q&A with Dana Boadway, and it's going to be really fun!

BTW - I also won a T-Shirt of AM!!!! That made my day :)

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Oliver Scott said...


Great to see another AM student has added a blog. These seem to be getting very short on the ground so keep it up and keep posting. It will be very rewarding and a great source for showing how you;ve progressed and developed over the next 18-months.

I Had Eric last Semester and he's a great guy, a little laid back but I learnt alot from him. Ask to see his student work and his demo reel which he has on a private YouTube account.

Great poses with Stu...just watch your twinning and make sure your sillhouettes read really well. this will help you loads later when you're in class 3, which is where I am at the moment! Feel free to drop by my assignments and leave any critiques...even a newbie can spot something wrong in any animation!

I hope you don't mind but I've aaded a link to your blog on my blog!!!

Keep Animating, posing and drawing!

Oly Scott