Class 1 - Session 3

I wish I could say this week was easy for me. ofcourse it would be a lie - It was quite difficult (not complaining though).
This week we had a double mission - making Stu in an excitement pose and FIRST ANIMATION: A Bouncing Ball.
I really like making the poses of Stu and I think I'm getting the hang of it. My mentor Eric Lessard gave me an e-critique which opened my eye to the way of looking on poses: Weight (it could be nice if you character won't fall down because it's center of balance will be out of place), Parallel lines (the shoulder line against the direction of the waist line), motion line (curve - the spine and head flow), and ofcourse - silhouette (including negative space, twinning and tangents).
We also had to make a planning for the bounce itself - this was the most difficult part for me, to understand the Spacing and the Timing - you might say I bust my ball over this one :)
I think I've managed to do a pretty good bounce for a first time.

Class 1 Session 3 (103) - Bouncing Ball on Vimeo

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