My Q&A with Shawn Kelly

I'm after the first class, and what I had to do was to send my mentor a private message about who I am, what do I do (so he could get to know me) and what is the reason I registered into AM.
I looked for some new friends and started connecting around the campus (it's an amazing feeling, like everybody are just like you).
This first experience was amazing for me, the chance to know so many people who are CRAZY for animation as I am, in such a short time. Everybody are so full of energy, it's overwhelming.

Today (7 AM Israel time) I woke up especially early to meet Shawn Kelly on my first LIVE Q&A - another great experience.
Shawn is one of the three people who established AM, and he's working in ILM (Industrial light and magic) for about 10 years now, and have a lot of knowledge and experience in the animation industry.
Poor Shawn, what should have been a session of one hour, became nearly two and a half hours because we kept on asking questions, but during the intire time he just kept smiling and answering everything we threw at him - his such a GREAT GUY!

Well, that is all for my first day at school :)
I hope it would continue to be as wonderful and as fun as it was yesterday.

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