Now You Listen To Me! (Blocking Plus)

I'm sorry I didn't got to work as much as I wanted on this shot, but for the most part I think it isn't very terrible (just slightly ;)
Here is the second path of my blocking, and I've also tried to get a long and moved out of blocking.
I still have to make some over lapping actions, making the arcs better, adding S&S and even more important - eye darts, blinks and ofcourse - Lipsync.

To be continued soon.... (I hope)

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Liron Topaz said...

Hello Ziv,

Thanks for visiting :D

Good to see more Israeli animation blogs. Your block in looks really nice, but I would try to vary his center of interest, like.. when he breath around 00:02-00:03 you have a great moment that he could look away. Sometimes we show a lot more anger when we try to avoid the person's (or dog's) eye contact. And I think you can have another half a beat before the dog move after we see him... that would be really cute and funny. In Bolt the did a lot of these great dog reactions.

Looking good.. Keep it up