First phase of polish

This is my first phase of polish, after adding the lip sync and the eye darts.
There are a few more things I wish to take care of such as the arcs, the subtlety of the lip sync (which gave me hell since he talks so fast, I had to try and blur over it) and I'm not too happy with the way the body parts move (as a unit).

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Nate Lane said...

Hey man thanks for to crit! I think I'll give that walk cycle another go once I get some time :)

Anyhow, your shot's coming along nicely :)

There's a couple things that stick out to me...

I think that overall you could maybe push/exaggerate it a little more. Maybe it would also help a bit if you physically had him get closer to the dog as he got more intense, which would also give you some foot movement.

I think his right hand's finger is in the same pose throughout, maybe change it up a wee bit, even just tweaks with that pose would help (maybe curl it in at some point)

One last thing is I think that ties in with pushing your shot, is maybe you could somehow show that he's really struggling to keep that anger inside of him, and during words such as "once", maybe give the hand a little shake, just a clue to the audience that he's really trying hard not to lose it.

at any rate, it looks great, keep rockin :)