Finally, after working on it for about 6 months (!), I'm proud to say - that is it, no more - it is FINISHED!
This is the final version of the train I've made for Yael's new room, once we'll move to our new apartment.
I would like to thank Eran Lazar who had given me several excellent pointers, which gave a tremendous contribution in my opinion.
I've also added the evolution of the versions from draft to the final version.
My computer nearly crushed while trying to save near the end, since it's about 8,000 pixels in length on 300 ppi.

Hope you'll like it!


yairmore said...

This is an awesome piece of artwork, man. Great job!

My name is Ziv Ariely. said...

Thanks Yair.
You're a good friend (with a cool hat ;)

G1toons said...

very nice design good job