An Israeli proud moment :)

Here is a story they broadcasted on the channel 2 news in Israel.
It's about the new feature they are working on right now - The Wild Bunch (and then it goes on about other stuff, but the first few minutes are those I wanted to share with you).
It says they want to release the movie during 2011, which right now they are working with many MANY talented people from the industry (From Israel and also Disney and Hollywood).
I've been there for a quick visit and was very impressed by everything they are doing.
Among the stars which will be behind the voices, you could find actors such as Elizabeth Hurley and William Defoe.
Who knows? Maybe once it will be released they could even win the Oscar;)

* The It's in hebrew, so for those of you who can't understand the language, I'm sorry.

The link

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Einav said...

Hey there! Just wanted to say that your blog is cool. I watched your demo real and it was pretty awesome, you did a great job.
I'm about to start learning animation in CA as well.

Well, good luck Ziz,
Have a cool day,