I've finally seen Wall-e

I must admit that since Pixar releases their new master piece it's the kids holiday in Israel, and since Pixar's movies are for kids as well as adults, it ruins my fun when there is a big bunch of kids that are laughing at the wrong places or shouting, or speaking with their mobiles, etc. That is why I usually tend to wait until the movie will play for a week or two and only then I could go and enjoy the movie as I wish.
Anyway, finally yesterday evening I went with my wife and Shimi to see it - and it's amazing.
There were many parts I really liked, and the small gags worked well.
However, I feel there was something missing in the total of the movie, some void I can't put my finger on it. It could be just me, maybe it's because I was dead tired, who knows? But I think Rat' had something extra Wall-e doesn't posses.
Don't get me wrong! It's an amazing film, and if I could, I would go and see it again (and probably like it even more after seeing it for the second time) - it's very recommended.
The way they gave Wall-e and Eve emotions and expressions (by only using the lens for Wall-e, or the "eyes" for Eve), and with out the ability to speak more than one word to express their selfs - this is where the art of Pixar comes to shine!

In short - Go see it :)

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