Setting my mind free...

While I was listening to my weekly lecture at AM, I've decided to let my mind and hand do some doodles with my Wacom. It wasn't suppose to be something specific something I would put effort into, just doodles (I've loved doing this even when I was a kid I must admit).
Anyway, I don't really know WHY or even WHAT I've gotten finally once the lecture ended (don't be alarm, I'm not a freak) but I've enjoyed the ride still!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm also trying to follow my dream of becoming an animator and had a question about the school. I figured who better to ask than a current student. I was accepted to the Fall 2008 semester and was debating between starting my AM courses or doing the Maya Springboard Workshop before starting. I know basics in maya like how to create poses, set key frames, do a little with the graph editor, in your opinion should I take a Maya course or just jump right into the AM course work. Thanks man and keep up the good work!

My name is Ziv Ariely. said...

Hi Starkey987,
I'm not really sure I know what they would teach you on the Maya Springboard since I never took it neither.
However, if you feel you have a strong enough grasp about working in Maya, I think you could do it quite easily.
There will be many people (mostly students) there who has way more higher skills than you posses when it comes to operating the program, and they could teach you stuff that could really help you (I admit I too don't know Maya as I wanted to know).

Good luck and drop by to say hello ;)