Happy Birthday Grampa!

My grampa is about to become 80 years old (he's being married to my grandmother for nearly 60 years!!!), so we are prepering a big party for the occasion and I've decided to try and make a caricature of him, which would be on a presentation we'll show to the entire family.
I got it pretty close but I didn't want to make it look "too clean", so instead I wanted to try something else - a totaly different workflow in PS I've never tried before and keep using the pencil sketch instead of copying it, just keep painting above it.

Anyway, here it is :)

Oh, and by the way - yes, he does have all this hair ON his nose ;)

Here's an update, I've put up an old picture which was taken sometime during 1980 I think, showing both my grandparents with me (I was such a chubby Budhaa ;).


benny cohen said...

מגניב לגמרי !!!!

חבל שלא צירפת תמונה של המקור כדי שיהיה אפשר להשוות....

My name is Ziv Ariely. said...

Hey Benny, I've uploaded the picture your requested ;)