Class 6 - Session 610

It's almost here, I can't believe it... I can see the end coming, and I'm beginning to feel confused.
Why? Because the last 18 months were such an amazing journey for me, I can't really remember where I was before beginning it. Pretty soon (two weeks from now) I'll have to say goodbye to my classmates; some of them I've had the honor of sharing all my semesters (and even when our ways had to split into different classes with different mentors, we kept visiting each other workspace and to be in touch).
I don't want this to be the GREAT AM ALUMNI SPEECH but when we are so close to the finish line, it's hard not to think of it.
Of the other hand, I can't wait to finish my short and not working on it anymore (after 6 months of work on the same 1 minute short, a guy could really use a break or at least - something fresh and new :)

Anyway, this week we had to continue our polish and upload our first half of the short. I added some new stuff to the 4th shot. I've never used eye darts before, and only in the last couple of months I've came to realize - adding eye darts is HUGE! (it's my new "thing" after adding the slight overlaps in the fingers :D) and It's amazing how much life it breathes into your character and helps in keeping it alive!

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