Here's a little something I've done to free my mind of animation a little (I've been working on refining and tweaking my short for the last two days), just before I decide I won't touch it anymore and start the rendering process.
Anyway, the sketch/doodle was done by pencil on paper, and the rest was done in Photoshop.

Hope you'll like it!


Kai said...

This piece totally made my day.
I love the shade of green you used.

caterpillar komatsu said...

yeah! its much better,

stock market chart said...

what happened to the other one?

Nitima said...

Hey can you tell me how to get visitor count?

check my blog at

My name is Ziv Ariely. said...

Hi Stock, sorry but I've accidently deleted your first comment.
Kai, thanks for the kind words ;) I'm glad you liked it!
Nitima - I've used the widget from the site of the guys who made the visitors counter. Try clicking on it and you'll be able to edit it (don't worry - it's for free!) and copy-paste it on to your blog.